Look What My Mama Did With My Room!

My mama loves decorating our home. When she arrived in United States from Nepal (Land of  highest peak- Mount Everest) 12 years earlier, in 2007, she shared a tiny apartment with 6 other students. When she finished her MBA, she moved out and rented one bedroom. She always wanted to have her own house. That dream was fulfilled when my parents bought a house in 2017. Mama was 7 months pregnant with me at that time. She loves spending time at home which is why she spent considerable time and effort decorating it. With the pregnancy and after new baby (me) and papa working full time, she didn’t have much time and energy to go out shopping. That’s why, she bought most of the things from Amazon and Wayfair.

She believes in decorating home with emotions and some feng-shui elements. She has decorated every room in our home with unique themes. She says, we should feel differently in each room. Meditation room gives an aura of calm and relaxation while, one of the guest rooms reminds of her home town, Nepal. My papa loves music, so she surprised him with a musical theme office (coverts to bedroom as well). He wasn’t allowed to go in that room for almost 2 weeks when she was working on it.

Her Home town-

Pokhara, Nepal

Let me show you what she did with my room.

She started decorating my room when she was in her 8th month of pregnancy. She loves fairy tales, stars and moon so that was the theme of my room. According to her study of feng shui, my room falls under career section so the best color for it was blue and grey (water element). This was perfect. Her idea was to make my room look like an enchanted garden. Let’s see if she fulfilled that goal.

This tree was the first item she put in my room. It’s a wall decal from Amazon. She did a really good job sticking each flower petals on the branches with her big 8 months old belly! She put many more stars, fairies, moons wall stickers later.

She and papa spent one evening sticking glow in the dark stars and moon on my ceiling. They had a long discussion about where to put the moon and finally decided on this spot. I love looking at them from my crib when I suddenly feel like waking up in the middle of the night. It really glows beautifully at night (this pic was taken in the afternoon).

She even bought rugs shaped cloud and star from Amazon.

My curtains have little holes in them which twinkle like stars. They were long, but since I loved hanging on them all the time, she made them short. Now, I can hardly reach its bottom. Wait, till I grow little older!

She bought a light from Ikea but didn’t like it that much. So, she made a cloud out of it using her DIY skills. It was pretty easy, I must say. Even I can do it.

She didn’t want to put a lot of furniture in my room. She wanted this space to be as safe as possible for me to play. So, she made this floor cushion herself. She used old comforter that wasn’t useful as comforter anymore as filing. And for the cover, she used the old Sherpa throw. Here is my floor bed, where, my mama and papa lie down and watch me play.

That’s my buddy Yogi, who is 2 years older than me. I think, he feels little neglected nowadays because I get most of the attention. I try to involve him when I play. I pull his beard and ears and treat him like horse but he doesn’t seem to like it very much. I feel like he runs away from me.

When I started showing emotions, mama realized I loved flowers so she bought this wallpaper from Wayfair.

When we returned from 3-month-trip to Nepal, Australia and Bali, I was already 9 months old and pretty active. I was crawling and throwing toys everywhere. This tent was her solution to keep my things organized. When she had time, she would nicely organize my toys but when in hurry, she shoved everything inside this tent. So this tent fulfills two purposes- making my room look beautiful and hiding my mess!

After she shoved everything inside the tent. Took her 2 minutes to clean up!

To add more character to my room, she put a fairy light as well.

Finally, this is what my room looks like now. The Crib and Rocking chair were gifts from family.

I think she did a good job! What do you think? I would love to hear from you!

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