Mama Says- Her Life Changed After Reading this!

Hey all, today I wanted to share my mama’s one of the favorite books “Many Lives Many Masters

This book, she says, is life changing. After reading this book, we see struggles in our lives with more accepting attitude. We understand, why we feel connected to some stranger and why we just dislike some people without a reason. The pain we experience on losing someone becomes more bearable through a deeper understanding. This book will tell you many real life experiences, giving invaluable insights into why we fear what we fear, love who we love and do what we do.

The author of the book is a graduate of Colombia University and Yale Medical School, Brian L. Weiss, M.D. He specializes in the study and treatment of depression and anxiety states, sleep disorders, substance abuse disorders, Alzheimer’s Disease, and brain chemistry. He wrote this book based on real life incidents with his patients.

Here is an excerpt of one of the many real life experiences discussed in this book.

From Many Lives Many Master-

At the time of my first session with Catherine, I had no idea that my life was about to turn upside down, that the frightened, confused woman across the desk from me would be the catalyst, and that I would never be same again.

Catherine revealed the story of her life. She was the middle child, reared in a conservative Catholic family in a small Massachusetts town. Her brother,born three years earlier than she, was very athletic, and he enjoyed a freedom that she was never allowed. Her younger sister was the favorite of both parents.

When we started to talk about her symptoms, she became noticeably more tense and nervous. Her life had always been burdened with fears. She feared water, feared choking to the extent that she could not swallow pills, feared airplanes, feared the dark, and she was terrified of dying.

Eighteen months of intensive psychotherapy passes. During that time, we explored her feelings, thoughts, and dreams. I felt that she should have been much improved by now. Patients almost always improve when they learn to recognize and correct maladaptive behavior patterns, and when they develop insights and view their problems from a larger, more detached perspective. But Catherine had not improved.

Hypnosis is an excellent tool to help a patient remember long-forgotten incidents.There is nothing mysterious about it. It is just a state of focused concentration. I felt confident that hypnosis would help Catherine.

“Go back to the time from which your symptoms arise.” I was totally unprepared for what came next.

“I see white steps leading up to a building, a big white building with pillars, open in front. There are no doorways. I am wearing a long dress…. a sack made of rough material. My hair is braided, long blond hair”.

I was confused. I wasn’t sure what was happening. I asked her what the year was, what her name was. “Aronda…I am eighteen. I see a marketplace infront of the building. There are baskets… You carry the baskets on your shoulders. We live in a valley…There is no water. The year is 1863 B.C. The-area is barren, hot, and sandy. There is a well, no rivers. Water comes into the valley from the mountains.”

After she related more topographical details, I told her to go several years ahead in time and to tell me what she saw.

“There are trees and a stone road. I see a fire with cooking. I’m wearing a long, coarse brown dress and sandals. I am twenty five.I have a girl child whose name is Cleastra…She is Rachel. {Rachel is presently her niece; they have always had and extremely close relationship.}It’s very hot.”

I was startled. My stomach knotted, and the room felt cold. Her visualizations and recall seemed so definite. She was not at all tentative. Names, dates, clothes, trees; seen vividly! What was going on here? How could the child she had then be her niece now? I was even more confused. I had examined thousands of psychiatric patients, many under hypnosis, and I had never come across fantasies like this before- not even in dreams. I instructed her to go forward to the time of her death. I wasn’t sure how to interview someone in the middle of such an explicit fantasy (or memory?), but I was on the lookout for traumatic events that might underlie current fears or symptoms.The vents around the time of death could be particularly traumatic. Apparently a flood or tidal was devastating the village.

“There are big waves knocking down trees. There’s no place to run. It’scold; the water is cold. I have to save my baby, but I cannot…just have to hold her tight. I drown; the water chokes me. I can’t breathe, can’t swallow…salty water. My baby is torn out of my arms.” Catherine was gasping and having difficulty breathing. Suddenly her body relaxed completely, and her breathing became deep and even.

” I see clouds…My baby is with me. And the others from my village. I see my brother.”

She was resting; this lifetime has ended. She was still in trance.

These were memories of some sort, but from where? My gut reaction was that I have stumbled upon something I knew very little about- reincarnation and past-life memories. It couldn’t be, I told myself; my scientifically trained mind resisted it. Yet here it was, happening right in front of my eyes. I couldn’texplain it, but I couldn’t deny the reality of it either.

“go on, I said, a little unnerved but fascinated by what was happening. “Do you remember anything else?” She remembered fragments of two other lifetimes.

The first session had ended. Even more amazing ones were to come.

One week later, Catherine bounced into my office for her next hypnosis session. She happily announced that her lifelong fear of drowning had disappeared. Her fears of choking were somewhat diminished. Her sleep was no longer interrupted by the nightmare of a collapsing bridge.

You can buy this book in Amazon if you want to read more.

If you have experienced something like this, please share in the comment section below. It will be helpful for everyone.

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